• Our clever mega covers are designed to fit over your existing Moon Arch Set to form new shapes. This set includes two microsuede covers:

    - 1x The Mega Circle: turns your two arches into a mega circle.
    - 1x The Mega Rocker: turns your two arches into a mega rocker.

    Please note sets are covers only and do not include Moon Arch Set cushions. Purchase the Moon Arch Set here
£60.00 - SOLD OUT



Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box?

  • Each Mega Covers - Moon Arches Set comes with:
  • - 1 Mega Rocker Cover
  • - 1 Mega Circle Cover

  • Please note sets are covers only and do not include Moon Arch Set cushions. Purchase the Moon Arch Set here

What are the dimensions of the Mega Rocker and Mega Circle?

Are the covers washable?

You bet they are! Trust us, this was close to design-criteria Number 1! Pop them in your machine on a cold wash with a color-safe detergent and gentle cycle, and then line dry (no tumble-drying) to avoid shrinkage.

Do I remove the covers of my Moon Arch Set to put the Mega Cover on?

No need, each Mega Cover zips right over your Moon Arch Set without you having to remove any covers. It takes about a minute to put on and off so it's easy to transform your Moon Arch Set into a new shape in a flash

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Based on 1363 reviews

Amazing all 3 kids love playing together on it and building cubby houses!! It’s so firm but comfy!

Still unpacked as it’s a Christmas present for my 2 little granddaughters but I know they’ll love it. My daughter is excited for the girls to receive it

Loves it

Great product - we're having so much fun

Great product - had brought so much fun

Love these! Lovely material, great fun for the kids to use their imagination. Worth the money

Amazing quality, great delivery

Love the couch. Used daily. Service excellent

Fantastic. My little 10 month old loves it so much she uses it everyday! So soft and comfortable

Five stars for everything! Look, feel, durability, everything. We love it, the kids love it, and the sage colour is gorgeous.

My boy literally loves these!

So far so good. This is exactly as described and is holding up very well to some hard play from two very active boys. They’re loving the open ended play and endless building of forts and cubby’s. Fabric is grippy but soft so building holds well. Pieces are very shock absorbent and good size. My 3&5yo boys are wrestling and bombing on it with full weight and force with no problems or squishing. Definitely recommend. I don’t think the green is quite the same as pictured. This may be a screen issue

The best investment

By far the most used toy in our household. Great quality and so soft, so glad we got a Possum!

Kids haven’t stopped playing with it since receiving it. They build lots of dens and movie sofas

Circle Set
Chloe H.
Used everyday

We love this sofa. It's great fun building dens - used for many a game of hide and seek with our 15 month old. It also encourages us to sit on the floor and play more because it's comfy. We've also used it for naps when friends visit. Would highly recommend!

Beautiful and great for my grandson!

Wedge Set
The game is constantly changing

The kids don’t get bored because the options grow and build on the ones before. I also like that they can’t really hurt themselves. It’s also a cooperative game, most of the time, with few disagreements. Its messy play though, but easily tidied once they’ve lost interest or more likely gone to bed.the couch was for Christmas and wedges were given for his birthday.


So so happy I got this. Was going to buy a cheaper version but ended up saving for this and so glad I did!

Kids love it.

Very pleased with this item- so versatile for the children making lots of different shapes and games with it. Good quality item and nice fabric

Planks Set
suzanne b.
Slides to rock star stage

My boys absolutely love this. From the day we opened it, they were bursting with ideas (aged nearly 5 & 2) from slides to the rock star stage which is a favourite! Highly recommend!

Thumbs up from us !

Best ever

I have a new house and this is the only furniture is have and it is hands down the best buy ever. My 2 year bounces off all the pieces, so much so I bought the additional ones too. His cousins who are 10 and 6 also love it. It was a world of play. Also easy to vacuum

Sensory room

Our youngest son is autistic and we bought the Possom Play couch to go in our Sensory Room. It’s been an absolute success. Not only do we use it to build dens and houses, but also under our sensory swing and as beds for sleepovers. It’s brilliant, versatile and cosy. A brilliant addition to our room.

A brilliant concept

Our little one loves his play couch and is always making it into something new!

Customer Reviews

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