About Us

Hey there!

We're Renee & Giorgia. Possum Play Couch creators, best friends,
and imaginative play fanatics

Our Story

We grew up destroying our childhood sofas

We bet you did too, right? Pulling the cushions off, draping sheets to turn day into night, dragging all our soft toys in to be characters of our latest charade. When we started having lots of special kids in our own lives, we wanted them use the same level of imagination (and burn the same levels of energy) in their loungeroom play, without sacrificing the adult sofa.

As a new mum, Renee was looking for fun ways to encourage imaginative, screen-free play for her son, Finn, and as a godmother and aunt, Giorgia was constantly on the lookout for the ultimate kids gift.

So we decided to create furniture purpose-built for fun

We let our imaginations run wild and dreamt up the sofa of our childhood dreams... easily movable cushions, light enough to hoist overhead, sturdy enough to turn into a slide, big enough to share with multiple siblings. The full bells and whistles.


... and The Possum play sofa was born!

We designed the ultimate modular play sofa to live in lounge rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms and grow with your family. With infinite configurations, The Possum is flexible enough to be a jungle raft, rocket ship, or reading nook... whatever your kids dream up!

We can't wait to see what adventures the Possum Play Couch takes your family on!

What else we get up to

When we're not immersed in foam specs, shipping policies, or Instagram Stories, you can find us taking swims in the ocean (a Monday afternoon ritual), drinking hot cups of tea (no matter the temperature outside), and hosting dinner parties for family and friends from our homes.

We know it is a dream to build a business and life alongside your best friend, and we're appreciative of every moment doing it!

There's a few things we obsess over...

Designing to last

  • The Possum Play Couch is made to grow with your kids, taking the place of dozens of toys that clutter your house and that your kids are sick of within a week. Designed for years of everyday play!

Inspiring imaginative play

  • The Possum is all about sparking the big imagination that lives inside every little kid. We love hearing about the builds, games and creations that your family has dream up

Being squeal worthy

  • For everything we do at Possum Play we challenge ourselves to find ways to spark joy for you. From the obviously fun stuff (like launching new products and colours), to the less-fun stuff (like shipping policies) we're always asking ourselves what can we do to bring some happiness and play into your day.
Based on 1354 reviews

Five stars for everything! Look, feel, durability, everything. We love it, the kids love it, and the sage colour is gorgeous.

My boy literally loves these!

So far so good. This is exactly as described and is holding up very well to some hard play from two very active boys. They’re loving the open ended play and endless building of forts and cubby’s. Fabric is grippy but soft so building holds well. Pieces are very shock absorbent and good size. My 3&5yo boys are wrestling and bombing on it with full weight and force with no problems or squishing. Definitely recommend. I don’t think the green is quite the same as pictured. This may be a screen issue

The best investment

By far the most used toy in our household. Great quality and so soft, so glad we got a Possum!

Kids haven’t stopped playing with it since receiving it. They build lots of dens and movie sofas

Circle Set
Chloe H.
Used everyday

We love this sofa. It's great fun building dens - used for many a game of hide and seek with our 15 month old. It also encourages us to sit on the floor and play more because it's comfy. We've also used it for naps when friends visit. Would highly recommend!

Beautiful and great for my grandson!

Wedge Set
The game is constantly changing

The kids don’t get bored because the options grow and build on the ones before. I also like that they can’t really hurt themselves. It’s also a cooperative game, most of the time, with few disagreements. Its messy play though, but easily tidied once they’ve lost interest or more likely gone to bed.the couch was for Christmas and wedges were given for his birthday.


So so happy I got this. Was going to buy a cheaper version but ended up saving for this and so glad I did!

Kids love it.

Very pleased with this item- so versatile for the children making lots of different shapes and games with it. Good quality item and nice fabric

Planks Set
suzanne b.
Slides to rock star stage

My boys absolutely love this. From the day we opened it, they were bursting with ideas (aged nearly 5 & 2) from slides to the rock star stage which is a favourite! Highly recommend!

Thumbs up from us !

Best ever

I have a new house and this is the only furniture is have and it is hands down the best buy ever. My 2 year bounces off all the pieces, so much so I bought the additional ones too. His cousins who are 10 and 6 also love it. It was a world of play. Also easy to vacuum

Sensory room

Our youngest son is autistic and we bought the Possom Play couch to go in our Sensory Room. It’s been an absolute success. Not only do we use it to build dens and houses, but also under our sensory swing and as beds for sleepovers. It’s brilliant, versatile and cosy. A brilliant addition to our room.

A brilliant concept

Our little one loves his play couch and is always making it into something new!

Loved by a 4 year old and 1 year old

The possum play couch is the best item we’ve bought for our kids. Originally bought for my older child’s room, as he loves to climb, but my 1 year old equally loves it. The amount of things we’ve made out of it since we’ve got it are endless, and since we’ve bought it, my son has decided he wants to sleep on it and not his bed! (We bought it in November!) we’ve already bought the wedges as an add on. Great purchase. Have already recommended to friends.

Not a fad, still having fun

My children were so excited when this arrived. I thought that would wear off but a couple of months in and they are still playing with it every day. Really good buy.

Hours of fun!

Such a versatile piece of furniture; works great as a sofa or chair but even better as a fort, a castle, a slide, teddy bears tent…

The Possum Play Couch (with Circle Set)

Possum play sofa

I am very happy with this sofa. Kids have had so much fun building shapes and it's so comfy to sleep upon too. So good we have 2 in the family now 😂

The Possum Play Couch (with Circle Set)

The Possum play couch

My daughter loves the play couch and 3 months later she still is not bored of it.
My husband agrees this is the best present I have ever purchased for her.

Great Investment

We bought the play couch for our young grandchildren and it’s a real hit. The imaginative play is a delight to see, especially when Dad plays too. The cushions create tents, forts, thrones, stages, cars and fire engines. Every day something else appears! Great idea and definitely saves the main couch!

Zen room

This is for my meditation room and grand kids when they come - perfect